About Synchrony Innovations

Synchrony Innovations helps large companies unlock the power of innovation by providing tools and services based on Innovation Capital™, our structured, data-driven approach to innovation investing.

Our Story

Since its inception in 2006 as Synchrony Venture Management, Synchrony has striven to create the global standard for best practices in strategic investing.  During this time, we developed the patent-pending Innovation Capital system of quantifying the strategic value of innovation options.

In 2013, Synchrony developed the TiCR Innovation Analytics™ Enterprise Innovation Portfolio Management Platform (TiCR™ for short), a SaaS application for systematically expressing the value of disparate innovation options across a broad range of technology and market domains. TiCR was initially to address the need for corporate venture capital (CVC – also known as ‘strategic investing’) to provide meaningful metrics for optimizing the performance of their investment portfolios. While working with key clients to develop TiCR, however, we began to hear from Research and Development (R&D) groups that a system of rationalizing disparate project proposals would be equally valuable for them as it is for their CVC colleagues. This led us to the realization that the technology behind TiCR formed the basis of a unified system for valuing innovation across a number of different roles in the enterprise.

The principles behind Innovation Capital and TiCR have now been applied at some of the world’s leading commercial organizations. The TiCR Innovation Analytics™ Enterprise Innovation Portfolio Management Platform is currently available for proof-of-concept projects, and is expected to be commercially available as a fully-installed SaaS solution in December, 2013.