The first comprehensive Innovation Analytics™ tool

Build or buy, this or that project, TiCR’s enterprise portfolio management solution transforms the decision making process from qualitative to quantitative.

First things first: Identify the Biggest Bang for your Innovation Buck.

  • TiCR starts by gathering data from stakeholders in your organization to determine WHICH of your hundreds or thousands of innovation options have the most potential to advance strategic goals. It then quantifies this feedback, and algorithmically matches opportunities to your priorities.

Capabilities & Strategic Priorities – Identify Innovation Potential.

  • Based on data about internal innovation values and capabilities, TiCR analyzes the corporations’ internal “innovation topography” to discover strengths & weaknesses in innovation resources, helping management match innovation capabilities to strategic priorities.

Comparing Internal Innovation Topography and External Innovation Ecosystem

  • TiCR’s system of quantifying the strategic value of innovation options creates a well-structured dataset describing a firm’s innovation capabilities and priorities. This “Innovation Topography” can be compared with relevant investment patterns in the external innovation ecosystem, providing critical insights for charting the firm’s innovation investment roadmap.

sROI - Easily prioritize potential projects and investments from across industries with sROI, a single value metric

  • TiCR’s primary metric, ‘Strategic Return on Investment’ or ‘sROI™’, provides internal stakeholders – including senior management – with a simple yet compelling means of comparing disparate innovation options. sROI de-subjectifies the analysis and selection process, filtering out distorting factors in the selection process and focusing on the true substance of innovation value.